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Using a color code system for family life

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It probably might seem silly to you, but I use a color code on my family. It all started with the bath towels. The kids would leave their towels on the floor and when I would ask, “whose towel is this? Come hang it up!” I would hear a chorus of, “its not mine!”. After a while I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I knew exactly whose towel it was just by seeing what color it is?

So when Kohls had this awesome towel sale, I went and bought each family member two towels in their assigned color and now I can tell exactly whose towel is on the floor and who needs to hang it up. Our kids are purple, pink, turquoise and green. And us parents are red and dark blue. I even bought guest towels in brown so everyone knows NOT to touch those unless we have a guest.I kept a few old towels for washing the cars, or dog, or giant spills or whatever. But these towels are strictly for bathing.


After that, it just got easy to keep the same color for everyone. I bought a giant white board that I turned into a calendar and I use the same color code for each person. By doing this, everyone knows who has something going on during the day just by knowing their color. And because the board is so big, I can see it from across the room! I actually purchased a plain whiteboard and drew the lines in with permanent marker because it was cheaper than buying an actual premade whiteboard calendar that big. And as a bonus, the kids backpacks hang underneath and it’s a nice command center for everyone.

Because my two girls and my two boys are in pretty much similar, if not the exact same sizes of clothes, it gets confusing when I do laundry. Some of their shirts are very similar and shorts are all the same size. I’m constantly looking at tags and trying to guess which item belongs to who. So I added their color code dot either on the tag or on the edge of their clothing.

It seems a little OCD on being organized, but for a scatterbrained mom who doesn’t have the time to worry about what goes where, this helps me out big time. It helps the kids too because now they know who it belongs to and they can help get it to the right owner. How do you keep your family organized? Let me know in the comments!

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