How to pick a good watermelon and cut it up with minimal mess

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I am a lover of watermelon. I cannot get enough. And lucky for me, watermelon seasons lasts a lot longer here in So Cal than other places because of our beautiful sunshine. Our summers are spent cutting and eating watermelon all season long. It’s taken me a while to perfect my “picking a watermelon” system, but I think I’ve got a handle on it now so I wanted to share my tips on how to pick a good watermelon and then my easy fast way of cutting it up.

The first thing I look for is the yellow spot. You don’t want a white spot on your watermelon. It’s the spot that laid on the ground and didn’t get any sun. A golden yellow is great or green all around is good too.

I also look for the scratches and sugar web on a watermelon. These are from where the bees scratched the flower and pollinated it. It’s sweeter. The sugar web is like a giant spread web of tiny lines over the surface. Other melons have it too, like honeydew.

 I always say, the uglier watermelons are always better because of all the scratches and lines.

And that’s it! I get a great watermelon about 95% of the time. Very sweet and juicy. I never did figure out the tapping thumping thing. It all sounds the same to me when I tap on watermelons, so I stopped doing it.

Bonus tip, here’s how I cut it up. I hate juicy sticky counters so this makes it easy, fast, and minimal mess.

Cut the watermelon in half and then those pieces in half. So you have four quarters. These are two of the halves I’ll demonstrate with.

You will cut slices from the top down like so.

Turn the watermelon and slice in the opposite direction of your first slices.

Then turn that section and slice again so both sides match. You are cutting it so they turn into cubes.

Next is the tricky part. You are going to cut the watermelon away from the rind in a half circle. I cut away on one side of the watermelon and then turn and do it on the other side so it slices completely through. It’s hard at first, but I do it so quick now, it takes less than 30 seconds. Be sure to watch your fingers.

After that, you will get a bowl and turn that rind upside down and all the pieces will fall right out!! Easy peasy!!

Now,  sometimes if I don’t cut all the way through, pieces get stuck so I cut through again and wiggle them out. Each watermelon section I do, I just wipe up the juice off  the counter and do the next one. And then you have a bowl of ready to eat chunks!

Sometimes I don’t even get through cutting the entire watermelon before I have hands snatching chunks out of the bowl. But I encourage the kids to eat as much as they want. Besides being a healthy fruit to snack on, it also keeps them hydrated. And my favorite part is that I can throw the leftover rinds to our chickens and they love it too! It’s a great snack for everyone!

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