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When I was a kid, I loved to write stories. In fact, I still have a bunch of unfinished stories from high school stuffed in a box somewhere in the garage. I always had a wild imagination and built up little worlds in my head. As a senior in high school, I wrote my grandfather’s biography as a project and it’s something I still treasure to this day. In college, I took photography classes and decided I could combine writing and photography and bam! Instant career as a photojournalist. National Geographic was my goal. Traveling all over the world taking pictures, and then writing articles about them for the rest of humanity to see. It sounded so easy. Like I said, wild imagination.

Then life happened. I met a man, got married, had kids, the usual fairytale life. My writing was put on hold. There was never time to sit in a quiet room and write all my ideas. I was constantly interupted  by “MOM!” and “Honey??” and ” Hey, my friend. Can you help me?” And I’m not complaining at all. One of my very favorite things to be is a helpful person. My writing just never became a top priority.

Now that my youngest is almost old enough for preschool and my other three kids will be in school all day, I’ve been asked, “What are you going to do with all your free time?” Let’s face it. When does a mom ever really have free time? I mean, besides the cleaning, the laundry, the errands, and all the morning stuff that needs to be done before school pick ups. And forget after school, when you have homework time and snack time and sports and dinner and bedtime routines to worry about. There is never free time. But watching my youngest playing on his own and being able to get himself a snack or turn on the tv by himself, I realize I’m needed just a little less than usual. And maybe, just maybe, I can squeeze a little free time here and there and do something I love to do: write.

I remember when Twilight came out. You remember that sparkly vampire series? And I remember hearing the author at an interview saying how she would type her stories out with her baby in her lap, watching cartoons over her shoulder. That’s dedication. Look where it got her. So, no more excuses. Now is my chance to write those articles for the rest of humanity to see, only maybe not about wild animals in the jungle, just the wild ones in my home. So here I am. This is my blog. And I hope it brings a bit of sunshine and laughter to your life. I have pretty amazing things in store for this page. This is my life and welcome to it!

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