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What’s fun at the LA County Fair

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Since we live so close to the LA County Fair, we always spring for season passes and go all month long. Today is Labor Day and Fernando had the day off from work, plus the weather was not horribly hot like it has been the entire last week so today was our first trip of the 2017 year! And aside from the usual sights, there are a few new things that we saw today!

Because we have passes, we break up our visits into sections. Today we visited the barn animals and exhibits on that side of the fair. The majority of that side is very kid friendly so our kids really enjoyed it.

The first thing that we always visit are the barn babies. They are so stinking cute. My kids love seeing the baby animals. There was a lady trying to bottle feed a pig, but the pig just wriggled and squealed. She took him to a rocking chair and rocked him and surprisingly, her calmed down. Who knew baby pigs would like being rocked? The had calves, chicks, piglets, lambs and baby goats. They do have a petting zoo, but none of the kids wanted to go in. Those goats will eat your clothes! While we were in the barn, we caught a goat milking demonstration. Claire was adventurous enough to go up and try it.

On the other side of the big red barn are other small barn areas. They have the traditional milking cows, but there weren’t any demonstrations for that today. They had a pen of llamas, which prompted a reciting of Llama Llama Home with Mama. There were chicks and young chickens and roosters trying to crow. It was pathetically cute watching them try to be macho roosters.

There’s a new exhibit there, where a kids tractor exhibit used to be. It’s a bug exhibit. And they have a show where they show you and tell you all about bugs that are for eating.

It didn’t sound too appetizing to me, so I took a picture of the signs and left. I overheard them saying something about giving samples, so if your curious about what bugs taste like, go there.

Also, as tradition, we visited the farm to store kids exhibit, where the kids can “plant” seeds, “milk” a cow and “pick” fruits and veggies. Then they “sell” it and get money to grocery shop in the next section over. They can use their pretend money to buy some things and they put it in kid sized grocery carts and check out at the check out stand. It’s a fun activity for them and it gives the young ones an idea of where food comes from and how we buy it at stores. Plus what kid doesn’t like to push a small shopping cart around like their parents do?

Another fun thing to do is visit the little school house down by the garden. This year, there was an actual worker dressed like a teacher and told us all about how school was in 1915. I didn’t know there were so many rules back then.     According to her, girls and boys sat on separate sides of the room and entered school through separate doors and couldn’t play with each other. They were considered a distraction to each other and would get lashed for breaking the rules. Yikes!! Also, a school teacher couldn’t be married. If she got married, she had to give up her teaching position. She wasn’t allowed to talk to men aside from her Father and Brothers. Society was so different back then! Usually we see the school house and leave, but I’m glad to have had the experience of listening all about how school was for kids way back when. I’m also glad I wasn’t a school teacher in that time too!

While passing through this area, there was a little table where the girls were able to make rag dolls. It only took a few minutes and they had new dolls like the pioneer girls. Just a few simple strips of fabric tied in areas and ta-dah! Dolls!


Our most exciting stop at the LA County Fair was at building 10, at the Wizardry building. They have animatronic dragons, Hogwart’s Great Hall with a real owl, and fun activities for the magical fans!

I highly recommend taking the kids to check it out! I was a huge fan of this room and if the boys weren’t cranky and ready for a nap, I would have loved to stay a lot longer.

Our last stop was the Kids of America building.

This building is great because if your kids need a break from the chaos of stop after stop, this place is an air conditioned building with free play in different zones. They have dress up play, lego and cars play, pretend kitchen play. They also have an areas where you can dress up like a knight and play fight with toy swords. This is always a stop on our list because the kids need a break from looking at all the boring grown up stuff in the exhibit halls and get their wiggles out in play form.

That was our adventure today at the LA County Fair! I’ll continue posting about future trips as well as foods you should try. I overheard someone say, “Here at the Fair, you can buy fried food and we won’t judge you. In fact, we encourage you! Where else can you get away with eating whatever you want?!”
I think I will be taking that into consideration and trying a few more foods on my list. Except the bugs. I have to draw the line somewhere!

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