DIY Miraculous Kwami dolls

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My kids absolutely love the show Miraculous, The Adventures of Ladybug And Cat Noir.

If You haven’t seen it, it’s a really cute french cartoon about a girl and a boy with superhero powers and they save Paris from these victims that are akumatised by Hawk Moth, the evil villan trying to take their powers. I find a lot of cartoons annoying, but I actually really like this one. Probably because there’s a hint of secret romance between these two. But my little boys don’t notice. My girls do and they are rooting for Adrinette.

Out of all my kids, my two year old is obsessed. Seriously obsessed. In fact, he started naming some of his toys after these characters. It gave me an idea to make the shows little Kwami dolls (the little animals that give the heroes their powers) for him to play with. I happened to have all the materials and I stay up late to make these cute little dolls. And it took very little skill!

What you will need:

Black and red felt for the dolls (a sheet of each works) and scraps of green, white and blue, for the eyes

really sharp scissors( felt is hard to cut in small places so pointy sharp ones are best)

A glue gun or black embroidery thread and sewing needle

Poly stuffing

a pattern of the dolls

*The pattern I traced from online coloring pages I found and then cut them out because I don’t have a printer. If you look for a pattern like that, be sure they are facing straight forward because they will look funny at an angle.

Step one: pin the pattern onto the felt and cut around the image. you need two pieces of each character. The pins will hold it in place while you cut it.

Step two: match the two cut pieces and you can either glue around the edges or sew them. I used a blanket stitch with embroidery thread. Do not glue them all together! You want to leave an opening for the stuffing to go in. I stitched the edges of the body together, stuffed some stuffing in at the neck into the body and then sewed around the head and stuffed that before sewing it shut. Now the body is done!

The amount of stuffing you need is up to you. I fill it as much as I could and made it really puffy. Plagg’s tail is just a few strands of embroidery thread knotted together and sewn on.

Step three: Cut out and glue pieces for the eyes. I just took the shapes right off the pattern and followed the placement in the pictures.

And that’s it! You have two cute little kwami dolls to be played with. Josh was pretty excited about playing with them. It was bed time when I finished them and he slept with them. He even came to me in the middle of the night and cried because they got lost in his blankets. They’ve been his best friends since. I might just make the other kwami characters when the show reveals them!

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