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Our Epic Summer Mud Day

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Every summer we have a tradition of having a “mud day”. I water the backyard down on the bare spots of the lawn and I let the kids play in the mud. It sounds pretty dirty and it is, but it keeps them cool and the kids have a blast getting as dirty as they want for one afternoon.

They tend to skip the traditional mud pies and go  straight to slathering it all over their bodies.

This year I decided to combine our mud day with our water balloon fight. This year I bought 300 balloons for my four kids, their three cousins and a friend to share. I’ll admit that I’m not a huge water balloon fan because it seems so much effort making water balloons for such a short play time. But I bought the bunch o balloons where you can attach them to a hose and fill up a bunch at a time. I did all 300 in less than five minutes.

It’s WORTH EVERY PENNY! If you have kids or parties that require water balloons and you want to save your fingers from all that work, these are the answer. You can buy them here. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I will say, the off brands do not work as well as these. There were a bunch of balloons that either didn’t fill or had holes in them and were tiny before we started playing. Bunch o balloons is the brand you want.

As you can tell, our mud day was successful. The boys surprisingly didn’t stay and play long. The girls enjoyed it way more.

I got to do the best part and rinse them off with cold hose water. I get a kick out of their cold induced shrieking and I get cooled off in the process. Then comes the not fun part. The rule is that if I let you play water balloons, you have to pick up the pieces after you are done or I’ll never do them again. So the kids spent a good ten or fifteen minutes picking up all the little rubber pieces out of the lawn. I made my point about the safety of the animals when one of the chickens hopped over the fence and stole a piece of balloon. I had to chase her to get it back, but she luckily dropped it before I tackled her. After that, the kids were more diligent in picking all of the mess up. No chicken for dinner tonight kids!

After everyone went home, I stole a few minutes to make my own mud day, mud mask day that is.

I thought it would be fun to scare the kids and it was, but then they all wanted one too,  except for Josh who I guess I scared too much because he wouldn’t acknowledge me or come near me at all. But for the older three, I obliged. After a day in dirty mud, a little cleaning mask in bathrobes wouldn’t hurt anyone.


What a day, what a day. I think we’ll have to add mud masks to our tradition of mud days!

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