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Cute and Easy To Use Backdrops for Baby Pictures

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During my photography business, I had a lot of people ask me for newborn pictures. I don’t have a ton of storage space, so I was pretty limited on what backdrops I had for cute set ups. I found these paper rolls on Amazon that are so cute and worked really well.

They photograph so nicely and because these rolls are paper, they are very light weight. They are almost like wrapping paper, but without the shine. Glossy paper doesn’t photograph well because it catches the light and causes a shiny reflection in your pictures. It tends to be distracting when you look at pictures.

Another good thing about these backdrops is the other side is white. So if you want a high key white backdrop for your pictures, just flip it over.  Works great for products or portraits in general.

My favorite part is that these backdrops are inexpensive. If you have a cake smash for a one year old, just cut off the part that got messy and roll the rest back up! That’s it! No washing, scrubbing, or removing colored frosting stains from it. I’ve gotten two or three cake smashes out of a roll of paper and it was worth the easy clean up!

I hang these backdrops from a background stand with clamps and tuck the rest of the roll behind itself. I can usually cover the floor drop with a back drop and it’s not noticeable at all. You could also hang these on a wall with painters tape or tape it to the floor. These backdrops are very versatile. And on Amazon, they have a bunch of different patterns and collections to choose from! I love the wood patterns. They look real in pictures!

So if you guys need a backdrop for baby pictures, or kids pictures, or even product photography, I definitley recommend these. They roll up into a nice box and sit in the corner of my craft room. So easy to use and store!

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