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The Coolest Math Flash Cards for Kids

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With the start of school upon us, I am in full swing getting our back to school supplies and routine organized. One of the things that I love in our supply stash are our math wraps. They are special math flash cards. Azure is not the greatest at math. She struggled and struggled every year to memorize them. She absolutely hated regular math flash cards. They were boring and I always had to sit with her and help her get through them. Her teachers kept telling me that if she didn’t know them, she would continue to struggle with math in the future. So I did a little research and found these math wraps.

I decided to buy the whole set because she needed the multiplication and division, but her younger siblings would be able to use the addition and subtraction wraps.


What these are are plastic keys with math facts on one side and answers on the other. As they do each fact, they have to wrap the string around the answer and behind the key to the next problem. So for instance, in this picture, the first problem is 7-1.

So I wrap the string to the 6 and come back around to the number 4. 4-1=3, so the string would go from the 4 to the 3 and so on and so forth until they wrap the whole key. When they are finished with each key, you can flip them over and check their answers by seeing if the string matches the lines on the back. The great thing about them is that they can do it by themselves! And each time they do a key, you can time them and challenge them to beat their old time! On this particular key, the keys are subtracting 1 on the first key and then subtracting 2 on the next one. It goes all the way to 10 keys.

These are great for kids starting addition in kindergarten and 1st grade and using them all the way up to 5th grade! It comes in a set of five, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. The fractions keys have keys with adding and           subtracting fractions, matching shaded shapes to their fraction match, or matching fractions to decimals. That is used around 5th grade and was really helpful to a kid who struggled with her fractions. I really wish there was one for decimals because she struggled with those too.

So where can you get them? Right here on Amazon of course. Just click on this link here and it will take you directly to the wrap keys.
Learning Wrap-ups Math Intro Kit

There is also a workbook that can be used with these keys. They are just extra practice fact sheets.
The addition workbook-Learning Wrap-ups 10 Days to Addition Mastery Kit with CD

The multiplication workbook-Learning Wrap-ups 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery Student Workbook


I can’t tell you how helpful these are for my girls. They learned their facts so much faster and I will definitely be using them when my boys need to learn their math facts and I hop they will be useful for you too!

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