Hello and Welcome to Sunshine and Blue!

I hope you find a little happiness while you’re here!

          I’m Jacqueline Pineda and I’m a beach lovin, flip flop wearin, extremely sarcastic wife to a computer programmer and stay at home mom of four amazing kids, three chickens, and a dog.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be two things: A mom, and a writer. I spent many of my afternoons either reading a book, or trying to write one. I had so many scenes in my head, playing like a movie, and I couldn’t write them fast enough. When I got to high school and had to do a project for graduation, I ended up writing my grandfather’s biography as my project. My Grandfather lived on the French Polynesian islands and lived an amazing life full of service and I wanted to have a record of that life. I got an “A” on that project and passed my senior year of high school.

          When I got to college and went through a horrible break up, my dad bought me a camera and enrolled me in photography classes, one of his old high school hobbies. I learned how use a camera and develop film and print images in a darkroom. It was magic!  I thought, “I can combine writing and photography and be a photojournalist!” But I instead chose to go with my first dream, got married, and had kids.

As a full time mom and a part time artist, I’m finding my life to be quite chaotic and crazy! There is always cleaning, cooking, homework with the kids, and carpools to deal with.One of my favorite things to do is finding tips and tricks to make life a little easier on myself and maybe even steal a few moments for my sanity. I hope I can help you do the same!

 I currently love DIY projects and re-purposing junk around the house, painting and photo projects.  I’m a huge advocate of reading and childhood education and encourage making messes as a way of learning.

When I’m not being a mom, photographer, painter, or blogger, I can be found on my couch with my nose in a book or binge watching shows on Netflix.